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Lease a Higher End Vehicle

we offer a ton of different options to get our customers on the road in a car they can trust and love for years to come, whether that be through a lease or through the purchase of new or used vehicles. The benefits of buying and leasing at wholesale prices are pretty obvious: the costs are less.

We are often asked how it is possible that we are able to offer wholesale prices to our everyday New York wholesale lease customers and not just business and those looking to buy in bulk. The simple answer is that we have put in over fifteen years to create the best business possible, and throughout that decade and a half, we’ve rubbed elbows with and made some great friends with dealerships across the country.

Another trick to our low costs is that anytime we can, we pass along the savings accrued from dealership rebates. These savings go straight to the customer so we can offer the best in pricing to go along with our excellent service.
Our dedication to New York and wholesale cars means that we’ve built the proper reputation, and our main goal is that when someone leases with us or buys from us, they’ll come back when they’re ready to purchase or lease a new vehicle as well. We’ve put some much effort into this, that we’re proud to say 75% of our lessees become repeat customers.

We can offer cars for sale or lease at low prices, with reasonable monthly payments, and a ton of options both factory and outside of factory stock. While our focus begins at the New York level, we’ve managed to extend our business nationwide and worldwide, which means we’re able to get ahold of some international brands that are hard to find, and we even offer exportation.

We also offer a Lease Swap program that can benefit both those looking for a lease or those looking to get out of their current lease and into a new car. For those looking for a new car, we can match you up with a lease that is already in motion but no longer wanted by the current lessee. The great thing about this arrangement is that it starts wherever their lease left off. So for many, the shorter amount of time means less money spent. You also save on the upfront costs because they have already been paid. For the lessee ready to let go of their lease, this is an easy way to get out of a lease without those harsh termination fees often associated with breaking your contract.

In, New York, wholesale cars may be your best bet to get on the road as soon as possible. Whether you’re looking to buy new or used vehicles, lease a new car, or pick up someone else’s lease, Wholesale Leasing is going to have some type of option for you. If we don’t already have what you want, we’ll certainly be able to find it for you in a reasonable amount of time.

For the same monthly payment that you would have for an average vehicle, you could get a lease for a much nicer one.  Of course, you can stick with a regular vehicle and lower your price even more.  Many people, however, like leasing because of the fact that it lets them get into a vehicle that they really want but didn’t realize they could afford.

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